Can Parenting Time Be Flexible In Wayne County?

Divorcing with children in Wayne County can be confusing and difficult. Having to change schedules and create a “new normal” for you and your children is scary.

So can parenting time be flexible in Wayne County? It can be daunting but there are several ways to handle the parenting time issue which can help alleviate some of those concerns and help the children get through the divorce and maintain some stability for them.

Can Parenting Time Be Flexible In Wayne County?

Adjust parenting time in Wayne County

There are many different types of parenting time schedules.  Wayne County courts have moved away from the “traditional” parenting time model where one parent has the children most of the time and the other parent will have dinner once a week and visitation every other weekend toward models that allow for more equal amount of time with each parent.

While some parents may still choose this type of parenting time, other parents may agree on parenting time on a rotating weekly basis.  One model that has become popular is referred to as the “2-2-5” model.  In this type, one parent typically has the children every Monday and Tuesday and the other will have Wednesday and Thursday, then they alternate every other weekend from Friday to Monday morning. In some cases, one parent may have one overnight during the week and alternate weekends during the school year while the child stays with the other parent the rest of the week and then during the summer they will alternate weekly or in some cases monthly.

Some parents just put in that they will exercise roughly equal parenting time as agreed upon by the parents.  It really depends on the schedules of the parents, the parents ability to get along and what will work for the children in each case.

What Is Best For Children In Deciding Parenting Schedules?

Being civil is extremely important when it comes to parenting time, it is important that no matter how much you may dislike the other parent, you should keep that to yourself around the kids.  Parenting time should be considered a blueprint and the parents should be able to work with one another to change the schedule and have some flexibility with one another to adjust the schedule to accommodate work, family or other events and activities.

The parents should be able to handle this amongst themselves and not involve the children in scheduling or other issues.  The importance of civility cannot be understated when dealing with parenting time and custody issues, it is the best for the children and frankly it is in one’s own self-interest to keep a level head when asked for flexibility because the same should then be reciprocated in the future when one requests the same.  It also allows the children to be children and form strong bonds with both parents.

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