Flat Rate Uncontested Divorce in Michigan

Flat-rate uncontested divorces are not offered by all Michigan divorce attorneys.

The fact is, many spouses that want to have an amicable divorce don’t have a ton of options. Divorce is typically an expensive process that ends up creating more bitterness and anger. The Mitten Law Firm offers a flat-rate divorce option for couples that want to have an easier end to their marriage.

Why Are Divorces So Expensive?

Divorces are expensive because most of them are performed in an adversarial setting. Two lawyers, attempting to win for their clients will go to war over small details, racking up the billable hours. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Sometimes, it makes more sense to split amicably and remain civil through the divorce process.

One step in this process, discovery, is often unnecessary but is almost always performed. This is a lengthy process of gathering and processing evidence and documents to build a case. Imagine having to pay hundreds of dollars an hour just for your attorney to learn what they need to know. Now double it. That is the real cost of this unnecessary step in the divorce process in Michigan. If you and your spouse both agree that a divorce is the best option for you, then an uncontested divorce is a good idea. A flat-fee uncontested divorce is an even better one.

Cheap divorce in Michigan

That is why The Mitten Law Firm offers a flat-rate uncontested divorce option. Rather than having two attorneys with agendas, the married parties can work with one unbiased attorney that is there to facilitate the process for them. There are no billable hours to track, so you won’t get a surprise bill for more than you were expecting at the end.

Why Not Just File The Divorce Forms Ourselves?

While an uncontested divorce may sound simple, the paperwork is not. With a flat-rate uncontested divorce, you get the advantages of a skilled attorney handling the messy part while you and your spouse get the opportunity to work out the issues and focus on moving forward with your lives.

As long as your divorce is agreed upon by both parties, it is much simpler to take an easier path to divorce. An uncontested divorce agreement that both parties are comfortable with is a stress-free option that most lawyers will not present to you. Why? Because they make less money in that scenario.

Who Should Get A Flat-Rate Uncontested Divorce?

If you and your spouse both agree that your marriage is over, then you may be the perfect candidate for this innovative solution. You both want the same thing, so why not find an alternative that saves you time, stress, and money?

What if you don’t agree on the specifics? This is also ideal for a flat-fee uncontested divorce. You’ll sit down with a divorce expert who can help you both mediate your differences on issues such as property division, child custody, and more. You and your spouse will work cooperatively to move forward to your next chapter in life. This is in contrast to the stressful bickering that a traditional divorce case offers.

Get a flat-rate uncontested divorce now by calling The Mitten Law Firm.