An Attorney Can Help You Out Of Domestic Violence

How Can a Lawyer Help You Leave a Domestic Violence Situation? If you are a victim of domestic violence, there is help available.

The National Coalition Again Domestic Violence reports that nearly 20 people in the United States are physically abused every minute by an intimate partner. Yet, for victims of abuse, fleeing domestic violence can be equally as terrifying as remaining with their abuser. Fears about where to go, how to get financial support, and what to do about children and family pets can be emotionally paralyzing.

For those needing to escape domestic abuse, seeking help from an attorney can be the first step toward safety. How can a lawyer help you leave a domestic violence situation?

3 Ways a Lawyer Can Help You Leave a Domestic Violence Situation

Victims of domestic violence are often isolated from outside relationships and information with the intent of making them entirely dependent on their abuser. However, family law attorneys and divorce lawyers are valuable resources for victims looking to leave an abusive environment.

Here are three ways a lawyer can help you escape domestic violence:

1. Create a Safety Plan

If you are a victim of domestic violence, it’s helpful to have a safety plan for your escape.

An attorney experienced with helping domestic violence victims can provide you with access to services that support a safe escape from your abuser. Support services include:

  • Counseling and clinical help
  • Housing services
  • Advocacy groups
  • Child care services
  • Pet care guides

Planning to leave can be especially difficult when living with your abuser. Seeking help from a divorce lawyer or family law attorney can provide the resources you need to identify opportunities for a successful escape.

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2. Secure & Obtain Protective Orders

Attorneys can secure protective orders for domestic violence victims and are more likely to be successful at doing so than an unrepresented victim.

A protective order signed by a judge is a legal document ordering an abuser to stop harassing, stalking, harming, and abusing their victim. Though these orders are not always effective, they successfully stop violence in nearly half the cases.

For many victims, having an in-place protective order gives them confidence to leave an abusive environment.

3. Navigate Related Legal Issues

Victims of domestic violence are often confronted with various legal challenges after leaving their abusers.

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Among those challenges are:

  • Securing child and spousal support
  • Tenant, housing, and eviction issues
  • Identity theft and consumer credit repair
  • Immigration status

If you have fled an abusive environment and are struggling with any additional legal challenges, your divorce attorney can help. Attorneys specializing in divorce and family law will resolve these ancillary issues directly, or they will have connections to other services and attorneys who can help.

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