Parenting Schedules In Michigan Divorces

Co-parenting after a separation or divorce can be challenging, especially when it comes to creating a parenting schedule that works for everyone.

In Michigan, parenting schedules are required in most custody cases that go through the court system. Here is a guide to help you understand the most common types of parenting schedules in Michigan and how holidays and summers can be shared.

50/50 Parenting Schedule

A 50/50 parenting schedule allows both parents to spend an equal amount of time with the child. Some common plans include alternating weeks, alternating every two weeks, or the 3-4-4-3 plan. When creating this schedule, it is important to consider the child’s needs, especially if they are in school, to avoid stress and interference with educational or extracurricular activities.

60/40 Parenting Schedule

A 60/40 parenting schedule is used when one parent has the child 60% of the time while the other has the child 40% of the time. The child typically spends the first four days of the week with one parent and the last three days with the other. This schedule is beneficial when parents want to spend a significant amount of time with the child, but do not communicate well with each other.

Scheduling parenting time is important after your divorce in Wayne County.

70/30 Parenting Schedule

A 70/30 parenting schedule allows one parent to have the child 70% of the time while the other has the child 30% of the time. Common ways to divide time include spending the week (Monday-Friday) with one parent and the weekend with the other, or spending two consecutive weeks with one parent and one week with the other. This schedule works well when parents live far apart or when one parent travels extensively for work.

80/20 Parenting Schedule

An 80/20 parenting schedule is when one parent has the child 80% of the time while the other has the child 20% of the time. Common plans include the child living with one parent and spending every other weekend with the other, or spending every 2nd, 4th, and 5th weekend with the other parent. This schedule is useful when the child doesn’t cope well with having two different home bases, and one parent has a less active parenting role.

90/10 Parenting Schedule

A 90/10 parenting schedule is when the child doesn’t spend any overnight with one parent, but visits them during the day. This schedule is useful when only one parent is the physical caretaker of the child.

Holidays and Summers in a Parenting Schedule Split

Summer schedules can remain the same as the regular schedule, with the exception of adding in dates or allocating certain weeks to each parent for vacation and other activities. For parents who live far away from each other, the child may spend the school year with one parent and the summer with the other. Holidays are generally treated differently than regular days, and many parents choose to alternate them. However, parents can also choose to divide holidays based on their importance to each parent.

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